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Photos Courtesy Of Ajim TTMH & Faiz Atomicdeath

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunday, July 19, 2009

HEREAFTER - Live in Kota Kinabalu 2009

Pictures by Rammy, Boy & Anonymous.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Evil Machines

Haidir Lifeform - Bass & Backing Vocals
Panjang Nuclearblaster - Drums
Redza Hellbullets - Guitar & Vocals

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HEREAFTER - Live In Ipoh 2008

HEREAFTER Shit Releases

Release Date : 21 September 2007

1. Far From Here
2. The Signs Of The End
3. Lost In The Galaxy
4. After Tommorow


Release Date : 1 January 2008

1. A Date To Remember
2. Living After Midnight (Judas Priest Cover)


Release Date : 7 November 2008

Tracks :
1. Nuclear Battlefield
2. A Date To Remember
3. Sampah
4. Total Holocaust / Unknown Disaster
5. Conclusion : Terrorstrial
6. Holy Wars..The Punishment Due (Megadeth Cover)
7. Crap (Bonus Track)


Release Date : 13 June 2009
Tracks :
1. Nuclear Battlefield (HEREAFTER)
2. Sampah (HEREAFTER)
3. This War Is Our War (HEREAFTER)
4. Street Metal Fukker (BESTIAL HORDES)
5. In Hell We Thrash (BESTIAL HORDES)
6. Born In Fire (BESTIAL HORDES)


Release Date : 1 May 2010

Tracks :
1. This War Is Our War
2. Secrecy Of The Government
3. Orang Jahat
4. He Who Knows Doesn't
5. Lost In The Galaxy

6. Nuclear Battlefield
7. City Of God (SODOM Cover)


Release Date : 1 March 2012

Tracks :
1. Entrance To The Void
2. Evil Machines
3. Celestial Disk
4. Final World War
5. Hereafter
6. Tiga Celaka
7. End Of Transmission
8. Welcome Home (KING DIAMOND Cover)

HEREAFTER Thrashing-Biography

HEREAFTER was fucking born by Redza (DEVASTATOR) somewhere in August 2007. HEREAFTER played with the concept of typical Old-School Thrash and Heavy Metal. HEREAFTER is the continuity from Redza first band, MEPHISTOPHELES (R.I.P 1997-2000). The reason for HEREAFTER was formed is to show to the shitty bands & society that material is fucking way more important than getting a band for gigs / shows.

In Sept 2007, HEREAFTER released its first fucking demo entitled ‘After Tomorrow’. Line-up for this release is Redza (Guitars,Bass,Vocals & Drum Manipulations). The demo includes 4 dirty heavy & thrashing shits. The tracks are Far From Here, The Signs Of The End, Lost in The Galaxy and After Tomorrow.

Later in Nov 2007, HEREAFTER move to the next step by recruiting a death metal bastard named Sargstone (VARICOSE VEIN) for drums.

By Jan 2008, HEREAFTER released a damn Single entitled ‘A Date To Remember’ which consist of 2 tracks A Date To Remember and Living After Midnight (JUDAS PRIEST Cover).

In Feb 2008, HEREAFTER has recruited another bastard friend named Haidir Lifeform on bass to complete the battalion. Currently actively rehearsing new materials for full-length & recording for ‘A Tribute To Celtic Frost/Hellhammer’ under Dead Center Productions (Ukraine).

Fucking June 2008, HEREAFTER first destructive live performance with full line-ups in ‘The Era Of The Ipoh Legacy’ gig held at Ipoh. Goddamn fucking thanks to the organisers Mr. Jax & Nizam.

November 2008, HEREAFTER released its 3rd material entitled ‘Terrorstrial’. Consists of 7 hell-terrorising thrashing craps. The shitlists are Nuclear Battlefield, A Date To Remember, Sampah, Total Holocaust/Unknown Disaster, Conclusion:Terrorstrial, Holy Wars (MEGADETH Cover) and a bonus track named Crap.

A New fucking year of 2009, no fucking luck but shit happens to Sargstone as HEREAFTER gives way to him to return back to his own band, VARICOSE VEIN. Many goddamn thanks to Sargstone for making HEREAFTER "Terrorstrial" complete!!

In early February 2009, HEREAFTER charge itself by recruiting an old-damn-friend named Panjang Nuclearblaster (DEVASTATOR) for drums. Currently HEREAFTER is rehearsing new shitty materials for their upcoming next releases.

HEREAFTER has successfully destroy the stage of Razz Ma Tazz for Sickening Art Pt 2 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 13th June 2009. At this same date, HEREAFTER has released a split release with Sabahan band BESTIAL HORDES entitles "Street Metal Terrorist." The released is a complete hellish raw-sound live rehearsal recordings quality. No edits & cuts! Total fucking RAW!

July 2009, HEREAFTER have complete the drum tracks recordings for its next upcoming release.

Dec 2009, HEREAFTER debut New Song & Video Clip "Orang Jahat" available for preview in the Youtube. The process of mixing are now in the finalizing stage & expected to be release by Feb/March 2010.

Apr 2010, HEREAFTER latest full-length release 2010 "Government Conspiracy" will be released on 1st May 2010. We are fucking sorry for the delays but we can assure that this time, we will get the job done!

July 2010, HEREAFTER successfully destroyed stage for Bangkok Thrash Hang Over in Thailand.

Oct 2010, HEREAFTER successfully fucked-up Kuala Lumpur stage of Mayhemic Musica Pt 1. Fuck those
useless amplifiers!

Nov 2010, HEREAFTER successfully demolish Immortal Bar Bangkok stage & video interview with MaxTv Thailand.

Jan 2011, HEREAFTER successfully carnage Kuala Lumpur stage again on KL Thrashed 2011 alongside with bands from Thailand, Singapore, Brunei & Argentina.

July 2011, HEREAFTER successfully burned Singapore in Play Thrash Or Die 2. It's one of a hell-kind show where we all burn together in the heat. It will be a date to remember!!!

Oct 2011, METALPORN PRODUCTIONS (Mys) has released a 3 Way Split contaminated bands of HEREAFTER, HIDING FEAR & DEMONIFICATION. HEREAFTER tracks are re-record version of old songs.

Jan 2012, HEREAFTER has succesfully finished the goddamn recording session for its next release entitled 'Endcient'. Nothing change, its still the same thrash metal with futuristic sci-fi theme. Get ready to be abducted by the Evil Machines on 1st of March 2012!! Surrender you bastards or shall die!!!!!

March 2012, HEREAFTER 2nd Album entitled ‘Endcient’ was born under collaboration of labels from Metal Porn Production (Malaysia), Witchhunter Productions (Thailand) and Nuclear Gaichal Productions (France).

July 2012, Again, HEREAFTER attacked Bangkok stage for Bangkok Thrash 2012 gig alongside ATOMICDEATH (Malaysia) and DESECRATOR (Australia).

Sept 2012,  HEREAFTER detonate Kuala Lumpur stage for Kuala Lumpur Thrashed 2012 held at Annexe Central Market KL.

Nov 2012, HEREAFTER contaminate Terengganu metalheads for Eastern Warhammer 3 held at Musseca Studio Hall in Dungun. This is the first HEREAFTER show in East Peninsular Malaysia & it feels like home. We will be back again someday!
A long hellish-year to go, more shits will be updated by time to time!! Fuck you!